Thank You


Every day you work hard to provide for our family but that’s not what makes you amazing.

You get down on the floor to wrestle, change the princess dresses, play hockey in the drive and run around the playground but that’s not what makes you a terrific father.

You help me demonstrate every single day what a loving, healthy marriage looks like, that fun and love, apologies and respect are all part of the daily give and take but that’s not the thing that makes you such a titan among dads.

What makes you the example I thank the Lord daily for is the bible verses in your email, it’s the passion for understanding God’s will, it’s the desire to do what he calls even when it’s not what you “want”.

Our children are so blessed to have you, science can show the impact of a father on almost every area of a person’s life from self esteem to education and earning potential but it can not quantify the impact a Christ following father has on eternity. The seeds you are sowing in our family will sow seeds in their families and so on through the generations. I am thankful for the quanitifable impact you have on our kids but more so for the things that can’t be seen, those are the true treasures.



Not all Fathers are dads, Not all Dads are Fathers

Some fathers aren’t dads. They are men who biologically help create life but their contribution to your upbringing is inconsistent or nonexistent.

Some dads aren’t fathers they may come to you by marriage, adoption or happenstance but they are the men who are there teaching, guiding and helping you grow.

Some dads have children you can’t see hidden in wombs or heaven or missing and lost. Dads are always dads even when they can’t hold their children.

I am thankful that my husband is both. He is the father of our children but so much more than that he is their daddy. He is the one they drop everything to run and tackle when he comes home from work. The one they want to hold them when they are scared. He would work five jobs to feed them, take a bullet to save them and embarrass himself to make them smile.

Everyday he is painting a picture, however imperfect because of our humanity, of our Heavenly Father’s love for them. He is showing them that he will always be there for them, love them and try to help them so how much more do those things ring true for God?

I am so thankful for him and all the other Dads out there.

Happy “Father’s” Day!