Spirit Airlines: A Mom’s Review

If you are traveling with small kids and an equally small budget you’ve probably considered the budget airlines (Frontier, Spirit, etc.) and possibly you have been scared off by the overwhelming number of negative reviews.

I almost was.

But then I looked at my bank account and said oh well, it’s Spirit or nothing.

To prepare myself I started reading the negative reviews on various sites, so I would know what I was in for. As I was reading I noticed a common theme… 90% of the negative reviews were the CUSTOMER’s fault. See I had already read Spirit’s website pretty thoroughly and knew their rules (and that’s just to consider booking with them) and so when I saw people complain about the “hidden” or “surprise” charges I thought…umm no I just saw that in big letters on their site. They don’t lie to you, they are really up front that you are basically paying for the gas to fly the plane and a seat to sit on, anything else you need is on you…or them for a fee.

I felt a little better as I found very few complaints that weren’t preventable on the customer’s part except for delays and let’s be honest delays happen on all airlines. I booked earlier in the day to try and minimize the chance of them but other than that it was out of my control.

My honest review was that Spirit was pretty good and I will definitely fly them again!

I measured my personal item, paid for one checked bag WHEN I bought my ticket, weighed it before the airport and confirmed my carseats and strollers were free. I booked so far in advance, in person at the airport that I was assigned seats together for free. I pre printed our boarding passes and checked in online to avoid fees and of course packed water bottles (empty through security and filled at a fountain) and snacks so I didn’t need to buy them.

I had zero dollars in hidden fees, both flights were EARLY not late, the staff were all very polite and I was pleasantly surprised that unlike many bigger airlines they had changing tables in the onboard bathrooms :).

My gate checked stroller was treated very gently (I could see them unloading from my window!) and my belongs all returned in the same condition I checked them.

I don’t know what more I could ask from an airline, especially one i’m paying so much less than the others for.

If you fly Spirit you MUST do your homework, read and follow their rules but if you do there is no reason you can’t have a nice flight!

[For tips on traveling with children read here.}


“It Couldn’t Happen to Me.”

“I’m a good parent.”

“I always check.”

“I’d never forget.”

“I wouldn’t…”

These things are easy to say. We don’t want to envision a scenario where we could be responsible for our child’s death so we try to reason with reality.

But the reality is you could, you might, and it only takes one time. You could forget your child in a car. It could happen to you. I know there are cases when horrible scum of humans have intentionally left children but normally it is just an accident. A terrible, life wrecking, soul destroying accident.

I am terrified of something like that, it makes me check my car constantly.

But that is not enough.

I have started using the left shoe method (read about it here) and I have to say that it is so simple but so important.

I know it is intended mainly for dads or moms who are out of routine and want to make sure nothing could happen but it should be intended for every parent with a young child in the car.  I want devices that will help prevent these tragic deaths just like everyone else but this is important now and there is a solution available now.

Every time you get in the car with your baby place your left shoe in the back with them. It will help ensure you never have to experience the pain and loss and guilt that so many good parents in our country have.

When I arrived at the mall to meet a girlfriend for shopping I had not planned to take my daughter but she was fussing and I didn’t want poor dad to have a rough evening so in the car she went. I put my shoe back there knowing that the feeling of playing my own music (no 3 year old in the backseat!) and heading somewhere to shop for myself for fun was so out of routine that it would put me out of “mommy” mode and it alleviated the fear I could get there and walk off in a rush forgetting the sleeping angel in my seat.

If we all stop pretending it could never happen to us and instead take steps to prevent it maybe it never would have to happen again.

This year alone there have already been 16 deaths in the U.S., 7 would have certainly been prevented using this method.



Unfit Parent Award

My kid hasn’t bathed in a week [This is not hyperbole, we only bathe him about once a weekish in winter and every couple days in summer.]

This made me laugh because I saw the topic discussed by a blogger for a parenting magazine who only bathes his kids every couple days and it got some ridiculously over the top attackers in the comments section on facebook who did everything from call it disgusting to likening to child abuse.

So I am awarding myself an unfit parent award.

Why because my kid hasn’t bathed in like 4 or 5 days and I’m most likely not bathing him tonight, since I don’t plan to change this despite it being appalling to many american parents I figure i’ll just own it.


While i’m at it here are a myriad of other parenting choices i’ve seen people spew hate about on social media that I personally have made:

He owns zero electronic devices (he is 3 so this should go without saying but it doesn’t anymore), moreover he has never touched a tablet and doesn’t play  video or computer games.He nursed until just after 2 and coslept until 3.  He memorizes Bible verses and prays. He is expected to apologize to me when he argues or talks back.  He only gets one gift from us for Christmas and one for his birthday. He knows about Santa and the Easter bunny but he knows they are just for fun, not real. He still won’t get birthday parties for a few years and when he does they will be small.He eats hummus, pad thai, salad, and dried fruit but also loves a burger and fries or a cookie. Juice is a special treat and he has no idea soda exists.

I expect him to be kind and respectful even when he doesn’t “feel” like it, apologize until he’s sincere and generally just recognize his position in life right now means he is not in control but also know his parents adore him and will totally take watch his favorite documentary seven times and make a weekly visit to the zoo because he’s super interested in animals.

What choices have you been made to feel unamerican, unfit, or just uncomfortable for making?