DIY Halloween Costume – $5

How to costume posts aren’t very helpful after Halloween if you ask me. I always forget them by the next year. So here is a quick DIY post based on Jidge’s costume last year.

He wanted to be Woody, which was great except he was also going through a phase where many clothing items were deemed uncomfortable, and therefore unwearable, within minutes of putting them on. I was NOT willing to pay 20+ dollars for a cheap looking costume that he might refuse to wear. Plus I hate wasting money on something I think I can do.

I bought a cow print vest and brown cowboy hat at the dollar tree and already had a red bandana and play badge laying around (but those are only about a buck also).

I found a white button down of his that had a few stains anyway and bought a 3 dollar bottle of yellow RIT dye.

With the shirt dyed yellow I took out my red sharpie and a ruler and set to work on the lines.

The whole costume cost me $5 and took about half hour of work (not counting the time I just left the shirt sitting in dye).

The finished product? Cuter than the store ones if you ask me and most importantly more comfortable, he wore this costume for fun months after Halloween ended.


$20 Livingroom Upgrade

Our livingroom needed some finishing touches to pull it together, now that we’ve lived here a while I had some ideas about what to do but I also had some budget constraints…like $20.

How could I use $20 to create a coffee table centerpiece, update ugly lamps and fill a very large bare space on our wall?

Step 1 Lamp Revitalization:

So when we moved in the previous owner had left behind a couple lamps.. they were a little dated and the shades were dingy and age worn but I hate throwing things out that work so I set them aside to figure out how to update them a bit.

What could I use for $3 to fix up these lamps?

Two colors of acrylic paint at 1.50 each and a few minutes and voila, they match my decor!


Lamp 1:  this picture makes it look fairly white but in reality it was dingy and had lots of little brown age spots on it.

2014-07-23 14.29.162014-07-23 15.04.3712014-07-23 17.17.06


#2 was in good shape except this ugly beige trim that always looks dirty

2014-07-23 16.46.132014-07-23 16.54.50

2014-07-23 17.17.412014-07-23 17.17.21


Step 2: Empty Wall Space

Next, I needed to tackle this large bare space on one of our walls. If I had money to spend there would be endless options to fill this space but when I was working with $17 it gets a little harder. I had seen mirror grids done before so I headed to the dollar tree where I found these cute 9×12 mirrors and dollar mounting pads. (Note I attempted to use the good mounting tape from Pat Catan and it didn’t hold! The cheap 24 pack of mounting pads at the dollar tree held instantly and securely!)

I bought 9 mirrors, 2 packs of mounting pads and a decorative wall verse for a total of $12 and set to work.

12014-07-23 14.26.19


Step 3: Table Centerpiece

Finally, I still had $5 and I need a coffee table centerpiece… I had a pretty metal candle holder I like but it wasn’t enough by itself so while I was at the dollar tree I picked up a mirror like the ones for the wall, two squared glass candle holders, a bag of pebbles and a 4 pack of candles for a total of $5. Using my existing candle holder as the focus I placed this on my coffee table as the centerpiece.

12014-07-23 17.50.38