About This Blog

My husband and I spent the first years of our marriage in a clean but cluttered string of tiny apartments eating my very limited, mostly prepackaged meals and enjoying our life together immensely. When we made the decision to bring children into our family it was not a spur of the moment thing, it was a gradual, prayerful and careful process and I have loved every minute my now 4 year old son’s life. When we added a daughter in December of 2013 I knew what God was calling me to do but it was scary. I am a teacher, I love teaching but I am a mother and I love mothering more and I no longer felt like I had enough hours in the day to be the mom AND the teacher I wanted to be. So I am embarking on a new journey, I resigned during my maternity leave, and in June 2014 I became a stay at home mom.

I have decided that it might be helpful for me to have some people over 3 foot tall to talk to and to be able to share my journey from imperfect but joy-filled mother and teacher into imperfect but joy-filled stay at home mother.

I expect this blog to be part musing, part sharing and part ranting…oh and I  thrill to finding frugal, fun and fast ways to do things and this will be an outlet for those ideas as well. Welcome!


For a look at why I have chosen to stay home read here.


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