Starting a Preschool Co-op

So a few weeks ago we started our own little preschool co-op. I knew that staying home meant preschool really wasn’t in our budget anymore but I also feel like it is beneficial to most children so I found some like minded friends!

Myself and two fellow moms got permission to use our churches 2s & 3s classroom two days a week for two hours (that’s alot of twos!) then split up the curriculum responsibilities, outlined a basic schedule and chose some monthly themes. It takes less than hour of prep work for my teaching portion each week and I get to be involved in my son’s education! I get to have a say in what and how he is learning, I control how discipline and reward are utilized and I can guarantee that what he’s being taught is in line with the values we hope to instill, best of all it’s free!

I have to say that I thought it would go ok or I wouldn’t have tried to do it but I have still been pleasantly surprised! Jidge LOVES it! He can’t wait for Daddy-O to come home on ” friends preschool” days so he can recap everything we did and learned. I still have to “home preschool” him some because his appetite for knowledge is at that incredible preschool level that wants to devour all but it has taken alot off my plate in that respect and added an invaluable social component! Plus, having two other moms teaching means more teaching styles, more creativity and fresh ideas and more practice with non-familial authority. We have the ability to plan field trips and playdates, even spontaneously, if something cool comes up that would interest the children or if they just need a change of pace.

I worried about taking this leap, that maybe it would be to much work or the kids wouldn’t like it or no one else would want to,etc but I am very pleased we did and I think my son is benefitting in ways I couldn’t have predicted! As a bonus baby sister is along for the ride and while she may spend most of the time playing she sometimes pulls a chair up to the circle for storytime and tunes in too :).

1503937_862870247088200_3274582941072900175_n - Edited10855003_664706761490_8129277541026182830_o - Edited


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