Society, Parenting and the Internet

These three things don’t mix well.

I have been struggling to blog lately because each time I think of something I would like to share I think one of the following:

  • Someone is going to be offended
  • Someone is going to think i’m saying everyone should do it this way simply because I do
  • Someone is going to think i’m bragging if I share this idea/project/etc.

Basically everything related to parenting is going to create a potential situation on the internet anymore, if you like something, don’t like something, do this or don’t do it, think that or don’t think that it’s all wrong to someone!

And if you are writing that your family does something obviously you are implying it is right and good and true and everything else ever is awful, horrible and wrong. Obviously.

I am going to try and push past my discomfort at offending people and blog anyway but I must admit it has been a struggle, to that end my next “real” post after this mini-PSA should be along shortly.


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