Birth is Birth, ditch all the labels.

*Now when your friend who is pregnant with their first child asks you for in depth stories of pregnancy because they want to know you go all in my friend, you tell them all you can because it may make them feel somewhat more prepared. *


For the rest of us, birth is birth.

We don’t need: vbac, non-medicated, water birth, ceasarean, vaginal, home birth or worst of all “natural” (whatever that’s supposed to mean for the other unnatural? births). But really, we don’t.

These are just more ways to say “I’m a Better Mother Than You” and we don’t need that stuff.

I hate when women say “Yeah, but i’m just so amazed by moms who have unmedicated births they are so strong!”

Really? Because my non-medicated 2nd birth was a whole lot shorter, easier and less painful than one I got an epidural for. Yes, less painful. Easier. Medication was not some easy way out. My “medicated” birth (because I had an epidural) was far harder and more painful and more exhausting. (Oh and both my kids where posterior facing, should I get a trophy for back labor?)

And can I just say that women who are willing to be CUT OPEN to bring their children safely into the world are pretty freaking brave to me! Just cause I haven’t done it doesn’t mean I can’t guess that it’s freaking painful, they are doing that for the safety of their child (typically, let’s not talk about the convenience Cs I know happen because those women are a whole nother breed).

And why does where you give birth to a baby have any bearing? There are women who give birth in interesting places (you know like taxis or the curb of a New York City street) THOSE women can tell us because that’s interesting but most of the time…no one cares.

Stop labeling stuff that doesn’t need labeled! Birth is bringing a baby out of your body and into the world. All that other stuff is not important.



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