DIY Halloween Costume – $5

How to costume posts aren’t very helpful after Halloween if you ask me. I always forget them by the next year. So here is a quick DIY post based on Jidge’s costume last year.

He wanted to be Woody, which was great except he was also going through a phase where many clothing items were deemed uncomfortable, and therefore unwearable, within minutes of putting them on. I was NOT willing to pay 20+ dollars for a cheap looking costume that he might refuse to wear. Plus I hate wasting money on something I think I can do.

I bought a cow print vest and brown cowboy hat at the dollar tree and already had a red bandana and play badge laying around (but those are only about a buck also).

I found a white button down of his that had a few stains anyway and bought a 3 dollar bottle of yellow RIT dye.

With the shirt dyed yellow I took out my red sharpie and a ruler and set to work on the lines.

The whole costume cost me $5 and took about half hour of work (not counting the time I just left the shirt sitting in dye).

The finished product? Cuter than the store ones if you ask me and most importantly more comfortable, he wore this costume for fun months after Halloween ended.



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