Convenience is a Con

Convenient! Cheap! Easy! Free! Music to a mother’s ears. These words entice us, they beckon to us as our child has a meltdown, the dishwasher overflows or we realize we forgot the item we drove to the store for in the first place. They are our friends, caring for us in the haggard moments we try not to let others see. Hello boxed meal, you have saved dinner! Nice to see you again pinterest, I am so excited to work together! Oh sale price, you look great! But in a world with so few princes and so many frogs how many times do these magic words lure you in and leave you emptier than you came?

I have to come to accept that convenience is almost always a con. It comes with a hidden cost.

Buying a prepackaged, prepared or otherwise “easy” meal means you will probably pay more and/or lose nutritional value.

Waiting until the last minute to buy a gift means you will probably pay more for it and put less thought than you should have.

Looking for “inspiration” on the internet may mean you squash your own creativity or waste time.

Finding that sale item may mean you get lower quality that doesn’t go the distance.

Are there times things can be a little easier or cheaper without a bid hidden price? Sure, but those princes are few and the frogs are many. Beware the “easy way out”.



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