$20 Livingroom Upgrade

Our livingroom needed some finishing touches to pull it together, now that we’ve lived here a while I had some ideas about what to do but I also had some budget constraints…like $20.

How could I use $20 to create a coffee table centerpiece, update ugly lamps and fill a very large bare space on our wall?

Step 1 Lamp Revitalization:

So when we moved in the previous owner had left behind a couple lamps.. they were a little dated and the shades were dingy and age worn but I hate throwing things out that work so I set them aside to figure out how to update them a bit.

What could I use for $3 to fix up these lamps?

Two colors of acrylic paint at 1.50 each and a few minutes and voila, they match my decor!


Lamp 1:  this picture makes it look fairly white but in reality it was dingy and had lots of little brown age spots on it.

2014-07-23 14.29.162014-07-23 15.04.3712014-07-23 17.17.06


#2 was in good shape except this ugly beige trim that always looks dirty

2014-07-23 16.46.132014-07-23 16.54.50

2014-07-23 17.17.412014-07-23 17.17.21


Step 2: Empty Wall Space

Next, I needed to tackle this large bare space on one of our walls. If I had money to spend there would be endless options to fill this space but when I was working with $17 it gets a little harder. I had seen mirror grids done before so I headed to the dollar tree where I found these cute 9×12 mirrors and dollar mounting pads. (Note I attempted to use the good mounting tape from Pat Catan and it didn’t hold! The cheap 24 pack of mounting pads at the dollar tree held instantly and securely!)

I bought 9 mirrors, 2 packs of mounting pads and a decorative wall verse for a total of $12 and set to work.

12014-07-23 14.26.19


Step 3: Table Centerpiece

Finally, I still had $5 and I need a coffee table centerpiece… I had a pretty metal candle holder I like but it wasn’t enough by itself so while I was at the dollar tree I picked up a mirror like the ones for the wall, two squared glass candle holders, a bag of pebbles and a 4 pack of candles for a total of $5. Using my existing candle holder as the focus I placed this on my coffee table as the centerpiece.

12014-07-23 17.50.38




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