Needs vs Wants

We are turning off our cable. It’s just too expensive to justify on one income with a budget to tight for savings so we have made the choice it has to go.

Why? Why not keep it and use credit cards (which we paid off in anticipation of one income) if something unexpected comes up? Or use our emergency savings?

Because it is a want, not a need so it can not stand in the way of needs (like responsibly budgeting and saving).You should never put yourself in precarious financial situations over wants. My generation (i’m 27) seems to believe we are entitled to every comfort. That they are necessary. They aren’t.

You do not need or deserve cable or a smartphone or internet or brand name food or a gym membership. You are not owed anything from anyone.

The sooner you recognize this the sooner you can develop a healthy relationship with money.

I literally cringe when I hear someone complain about being broke while they drink starbucks, smoke a cigarette, eat in a restaurant, go to the gym or watch their cable tv. If you do not have money then you do not need to buy these things. Stop buying the lies.

Stop letting them convince you that it’s ok or normal to have credit card debt. (Or student loan debt which is another story for another post).

I’m canceling the cable and you know what, i’m not that sad. We’ll still watch some stuff online sometimes or check out movies from the library but honestly it was costing me more than money anyway. I will be glad to have the time and the money back and I will feel peace of mind knowing that our budget won’t be as tight each month.

Do you have an area of your life you probably should cut but just can’t quite commit too?


3 thoughts on “Needs vs Wants

  1. When we were younger we definitely did without the “necessities” that so many think they have to have. No cable, internet, cell phones, and eating out was a rare special treat. We made sacrifices then so we could enjoy a more comfortable future. We look back on those years with nothing joy. We did without but truly we gained so much more. What a great example you’re to your generation! Nothing will stress you out faster than debt! Thanks for sharing. ~ Blessings~


  2. You are absolutely right and I think it is AWESOME to put it out there. For whatever reason, my family has been financially fortunate – but we still choose to live responsibly because it’s the right way. Don’t get me wrong, there is room for huge improvement – it’s a journey. I shop at discount stores, buy as many items as I can for my daughter at consignment sales, watch for sales, etc even though I’m not in a position that makes this necessary. Yet I watch so many others that should be a bit more cautious (IMO) spend in ways I could never imagine. ( I hope that doesn’t sound judgemental, it’s only meant to an observation.) The rampant materialism that our society has fallen prey to is scary/ sad – and I’m guilty of it too. It’s a constant exercise in self awareness and it’s hard to push back against the ” me me me” mentality. But I am thankful for the good sense The Lord blessed me with and thankful that I am strong willed enough to use it. Thanks for this post and good for you in making the right decision, albeit probably not a popular one.


  3. I totally agree. We don’t own a television, not because we can’t afford it but because it’s not a necessity. Internet is what we need (also falls under ‘want’) my husband and I have been together for 4 years, never occurred to us that we need television for entertainment. We are financially stable but we never spoil our kids with new toys, clothes, etc. It’s so annoying to hear people (when I say people, I mean our neighbor) constantly complaining about not having enough so he had to move back in with his folks, he and his family lives under his parents’ roof and yet I see him carrying a brand new 40″ flat screen T.V. My husband and I went through a really tough time when we were starting out, but because of that experience we learned how to be frugal and as money started pouring in, we didn’t change our lifestyle, and we learned to manage our finances. So, yes, I totally agree with your post.


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