5 Dollars, 50 Minutes & a Free Picnic Table

When we moved in the previous owner had left behind this beauty of a picnic table (and bench)

2014-06-14 19.38.35


It may not be a looker but it was free and I rarely turn down free so I decided to rehab this table a bit.

The weathered wood was literally a splinter farm, the entire surface was rough and pokey so

Step  1: Dollar Tree pack of sanding paper. Yep, we don’t own a sander and I can’t afford to buy unnecessary items right now but I knew they had sandpaper at the dollar tree so I brought a pack home and used a whole lot of elbow grease to sand it smooth.


Step 2: Scrub the areas that had greenish algae build up.


Step 3: Leave to dry


Step 4: Stain

I picked up the stain from Ollie’s Bargain Outlet which meant the stain and application brush were $3.99


Now for five dollars and just under and hour of my life I have this much more presentable (and less painful!) splinter free picnic table.

2004-12-31 20.28.29









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