Stay at Home Mom: What’s the point?

So I thought it would be smart for me to document some of my objectives for my season as a stay at home mom and some of the practical goals I plan to take to reach them and I thought it would be smart to publish them for accountability sake.

And yes I am totally nerdy enough that I enjoy writing goals, objectives, etc. I am working on a family mission statement but that is a family project so I will need more time and prayer but I will post it when we complete it!

Objectives as a Stay at Home Mom

  • Goals to help me accomplish thesegoals

Continue my walk with the Lord and become more missional in life. 

  • Invite people  into our home no less than once a month with a goal of 2-4 times per month.
  • Begin to build relationships with our new neighbors
  • If possible start or participate in a support program for young/teen/single moms.

Nurture and grow my Children spiritually, emotionally, socially and academically. 

  • Continue participation in church & Sunday school.
  • Join Awana ministry in fall with Joel
  • Participate in VBS
  • Enroll Joel in 1-2 sports per year
  • Home preschool or if God provides financially part time preschool during the school year.
  • Regular family “field trips”, storytimes, devotions.
  • Special parent child/dates once a month

Support my husband and continue to grow our relationship.

  • Have devotions together as a couple on all nights he is home. (We are so inconsistent!)
  • Monthly date night/day
  • Take over preparation of bulk of the weekly meals
  • Maintain a clean home
  • Manage garden & assist with yard

Be good stewards of the resources God has given us

  • Money
    • Make  a workable budget that does NOT sacrifice our giving to missions/the church
    • Utilize the envelope system App to help track our money well and stay on budget (since we stink at the cash version)!
    • Be open to part time freelance positions God may provide me to help support our family
    • Accumulate no new debt
    • Work to pay down student loans/ mortgage
  • Time
    • Give time to the Lord, His word and His work.
    • Limit time used for fruitless pursuits such as television.
    • Plan for exercise, time to recharge and time with friends
    • Place priority on keeping our schedule from becoming needlessly “busy”





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