Unfit Parent Award

My kid hasn’t bathed in a week [This is not hyperbole, we only bathe him about once a weekish in winter and every couple days in summer.]

This made me laugh because I saw the topic discussed by a blogger for a parenting magazine who only bathes his kids every couple days and it got some ridiculously over the top attackers in the comments section on facebook who did everything from call it disgusting to likening to child abuse.

So I am awarding myself an unfit parent award.

Why because my kid hasn’t bathed in like 4 or 5 days and I’m most likely not bathing him tonight, since I don’t plan to change this despite it being appalling to many american parents I figure i’ll just own it.


While i’m at it here are a myriad of other parenting choices i’ve seen people spew hate about on social media that I personally have made:

He owns zero electronic devices (he is 3 so this should go without saying but it doesn’t anymore), moreover he has never touched a tablet and doesn’t play  video or computer games.He nursed until just after 2 and coslept until 3.  He memorizes Bible verses and prays. He is expected to apologize to me when he argues or talks back.  He only gets one gift from us for Christmas and one for his birthday. He knows about Santa and the Easter bunny but he knows they are just for fun, not real. He still won’t get birthday parties for a few years and when he does they will be small.He eats hummus, pad thai, salad, and dried fruit but also loves a burger and fries or a cookie. Juice is a special treat and he has no idea soda exists.

I expect him to be kind and respectful even when he doesn’t “feel” like it, apologize until he’s sincere and generally just recognize his position in life right now means he is not in control but also know his parents adore him and will totally take watch his favorite documentary seven times and make a weekly visit to the zoo because he’s super interested in animals.

What choices have you been made to feel unamerican, unfit, or just uncomfortable for making?



3 thoughts on “Unfit Parent Award

  1. This made me smile because I just mentioned to our City Group how infrequently I bathe my children (i.e. when they are dirty) and every other family all said “us, too” and assumed it was a given that kids only got 1 or 2 baths a week unless needed more often. One particularly honest mom said that her kids took exactly one bath all summer because they went swimming constantly :). Since so many kids have sensitive skin issues, and so many dermatologists say it’s exacerbated by overbathing, I’m pretty sure that you are more in the majority. Just 60 years ago, etiquette books told sophisticated women to wash their hair whenever it got dirty but suggested the guidelines for once every week in the city and once every 2 weeks in the country (apparently because of less pollution in the country air). Moreover, most rural families who knew a little bit about dirt and sweat, bathed every Sunday and had no qualms about it for a hundred years. Like you, I do bathe my children more often in the spring and summer months because they do get dirtier, but I often pay for that increase in skin flare-ups and irritation I really ought to cut the soap on those extra baths. 🙂


    1. Yeah, Jidge doesn’t have a ton of skin problems (but why risk causing them with excessive bathing and chemicals?!) but Pranciss has all sorts of skin issues so she’s had like 6 or 7 baths and she’s 5.5 months! It’s especially unnecessary in Ohio winters since the kids don’t sweat or get to go outside for weeks at a time and their diaper areas are being cleaned multiple times a day leaving most of them fairly clean. It’s funny so many Americans feel like children should be bathed daily. 🙂


  2. I bathe mine when he starts stinking up the place, usually every other day- I would never judge another mother. He goes to school and gets all kinds of things on him. I have a 28 year old and a 5 year old, so I kind of know the road ahead, and how smelly teenagers are, so I am on the cleaner side of the bath thing,(more to teach how you should take some time to groom yourself) He was born with a touch of eczema but that has gone away. I use non irritiating more natural kinds of soaps(Dr Bronner castille soap) to make sure he doesn’t get dry skin. however, as I stated, I know better than to judge another mother in any situation , be it discipline, breast feeding , being a vegan, whatever. We all have to follow our own hearts and we know our children best.

    I take mine to church and he loves it. He is a little evangelist , which I think is great. I went to church, it didn’t harm me, and in fact, I have friends today than now wish they had been raised in church because they miss having a touchstone of faith. Miss having a relationship with God. I feel it is my responsibility to teach him. He goes to public school, many of my church pals homeschool so I am kind of a freak to them, but we love our public school. His teachers are wonderful. His friends are varied and sweet. I am confident in my choice , but I also have the right to change my mind if the situation changed.


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