The Most Poorly Kept Secret In the History of the World.

I’m a teacher and I am about to reveal the most poorly guarded trade secret in the history of the world.

Teachers love summer. We need it. We countdown those last days just like the kids. (15 left ya’ll)

Despite this being the least secretive secret ever kids are often surprised by it, your boss wants you to hide it and parents think they are the only ones feeling like summer must come or the apocalypse will begin.

It’s May. I love my students. I love teaching. but I don’t love teaching them in May. Why? Because they checked out on spring break and never really checked back in and by now they are literally hanging by threads. Threads I can see my words cutting as I try to cram one more fact in their brains. Threads that begin to audibly strain as I pass out a new paper. Threads that simply can not survive much longer.

I have crafted, invented, taught, read, shown and made fun and interesting everything I know how, my brain is empty of creativity and drive.

If they haven’t learned it in the first 155 days of school it seems unlikely it will stick the last 15 but for some crazy reason I don’t think my boss will let me count “having fun and killing time” as a lesson plan so I will continue, however difficult, to plan activities and papers and projects and such.

Next week my replacement is coming to shadow me. A new student for next year is coming to shadow me. A fellow teacher is coming to shadow me. Why? Because the Lord knows that if they didn’t my nonexistent will to plan these last 15 days would die and I would let my kids have a water gun fight day and play outside and eat cake and watch a movie and…is it summer yet?



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