You’re Replaceable

This is easy to say but in reality it seems to be difficult to grasp.

You may be an amazing worker, doing your job with exceptional creativity, efficiency and talent but you are completely replaceable.

Sure, it make take them a while and they may say you are irreplaceable but come back in a year and you will find someone else in your chair, hanging out with your coworkers, rocking your job.


You may be a hilarious, thoughtful friend who offers the most sage of advice and is always ready to help but you are still replaceable.

It would be hard to lose you but give it time and your friend will move on, they will surely think of you fondly on occasion but they will make a new best friend and you will be a rare memory.


(If you are in one of today’s “modern” relationships even your husband may find it easy enough to replace you).


But your kids will never have another mother. You are not replaceable to them.

Even if you aren’t great this job you can not be fired, you can not be replaced and you never get to quit. Are we working as hard at mothering as we do at those other jobs?



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