Find Your Escape Moms: Guiltless Me Time

So…I read and enjoyed Twilight. I’m woman enough to admit it. I just finished the Divergent trilogy. I will probably read the Maze Runner soon.

I like young adult fiction. I enjoy escaping reality for a few hours each week without fixing my eyes on yet another digital device of some kind. (For me I enjoy YA because it doesn’t get into things that I would find morally questionable, because I am a Christian I like “clean” reading, no 50 shades of anything here).

Here’s the thing though…sometimes admitting this gets me “the look”. You know the one like your wasting time and energy that could be better spent (people frequently give it too women who get their nails or hair done alot).

I would sometimes feel guilty, or at very least like I needed to explain myself. (I only read it when my kids are sleeping, I am also reading my Bible and at least one Christian non fiction book, I don’t buy them I check them out from the library…) I felt like I needed to justify why I was spending time on something so “useless” or that I wasn’t wasting money.

While all those things are true I have decided I am not apologizing anymore and neither should you.


Because Moms, particularly in today’s society, are expected to be selfless superwomen who manage all things at all times with a smile on their faces and high heels on their feet.

That’s. Not. Me.

I have priorities but after God and family it gets a little blurry and when I start to try and list them I have noticed that I never list me. I am never going to be able to give my loved ones, my job, my causes, etc the best of me if I am thread bare.

Some women like to get their nails or hair done and if they can afford that great, some like to hit the gym and if they can find the time and energy for it more power to them, some of us like to escape into a good book.

Whatever your escape is we need to realize that it’s ok to go there sometimes. To be just you, not the mom version or wife version or whatever, to be a little “selfish” a few minutes a week and do something JUST because you enjoy it. If we don’t stop and recharge we may lose some of the joy we get from our children and our spouses.


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