Inside the Home of a Dollar Tree Diva

My house is partially furnished from the dollar tree.

Stop laughing.

I am nothing if not pragmatic. I don’t care where I buy it if it works!

I frequent both the Dollar Tree and Just a Buck stores. I scour them with an eye for quality and am pretty happy with my finds.

Some items I purchase almost exclusively from dollar stores:

Wine glasses: Yeah, I know super fancy right? Well guess what I have hosted grown up dinner parties with my set of 8 dollar tree wine glasses and no one was the wiser. They are glass. They hold wine. They are $1. They are awesome. Look they even blend in with Nana’s fancy china! (The champagne glasses on either end are also from the dollar tree).


Metal serving trays, these actually look like sterling silver, they are good heavy shiny metal!

Soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, soap dishes (although mine holds small jewelry like earrings/rings) These bad boys are nice heavy duty ceramic and match my color scheme to boot.


Dish scrubbers, they carry Betty Crocker dish scrub brushes that are cute red and white and very durable at most all dollar tree branches.

Placemats, I got these lovely sunflower ones and I line the glass refrigerator shelves with them, they don’t show messes easily and when I need to clean the fridge I can easily take them out and scrub them ๐Ÿ™‚


Colorful baskets for the kids rooms, you know to help store those random items, I have different colored ones for their rooms, the bathroom, etc. (Ignore the slight disorganization of the actual items the barely 3 year old did clean and put these items away himself)


Picture frames, this one depends on the use but for 5×7 or smaller that you are hanging these nice lightweight frames can be awesome. If you scour places like Just a Buck you can often find the good quality frames from Target or Walmart still tagged 9.97 but you get them for $1.


Kids party favors, again hit or miss but I am usually successful. When my son has a class party for something like Christmas or Valentine’s day I look in the book sections. When he was a baby I would get the two packs of bath books for his baby classmates. Now I look for seasonal board books. For roughly $0.50 a piece I usually can give a book instead of a junky piece of plastic.

Small storage cubes, these 3 hold my daughter’s headbands, socks and bibs respectively. Also pictured dollar tree items: the frame on the right and the foil dandelion/butterfly/dragonfly wall decals.


Kid’s tissues, the little pocket packs with characters are usually 6 for $1. My son loves having a pack of Toy Story tissues he can keep by the carseat.

Book/Display easels, perfect for displaying some favorite books/artwork and for displaying seasonal decorative items you don’t want to hang. The plaque with the black and white tree photo is crazy heavy/hard to hang but it stands beautifully!


Sunglasses, if you are like me and lose 3 or 4 pair per season this is a life saver.

Step stools, my Just a Bucks usually have colorful little step stools and my son needs them to reach light switches so they are strewn about my house.



Throw rugs. I have 6 doors that come in from outside on my house (garage/mudroom/sunroom/etc) Buying these easy cute little braided (right) and regular (left) rugs are terrific and easy.

IMG_0667-001 IMG_0666-001


Small valances. I should have taken a picture of this so you would believe its cute but i’ve gotten compliments on our cute little shimmery beige valance with center tassle accent. It was a dollar.

Little decorative pictures & coat racks, small wastebasket & fruit bowl pictured are all from the dollar tree.

IMG_0660-001 1476244_598485709010_1415252528_n-001IMG_0662-001

Cheapy ย shoe organizers, I have this one in my daughter’s room and holds off season items (bulky winter hats/mittens) and other rarely used accesssories.


Greeting Cards, these babies are 2 for a 1 and anytime I need one I pop in and buy not only the one I want but any other cute ones for future use that I stumble upon in my quest for the “perfect” card. These are all filed in a coupon organizer deal with my wrapping paper. Speaking of which…

Coupon organizers. I use these for various storage and organization projects. For file size organizers I watch the target dollar section, they have $1 organizer that are not only cheap and durable but super cute!

Gift bags/ Tissue Paper, I rarely need to buy these since I reuse but sometimes you need a certain occasion or size and this place will have them nice and cheap.

Sadly this is just a portion of the dollar tree items in my home ๐Ÿ™‚ I will post on kids learning/play items at a later date.

There are alot of crummy items that will break the moment you open them, foods I’m not brave enough to try, etc but for those willing to keep an eye out there are some real bargains to be had! What is you favorite dollar store buy?


5 thoughts on “Inside the Home of a Dollar Tree Diva

  1. The best find I have ever bought at the dollar store was their version of Nair. I swear to you it smells better and works faster. Nair is normally around $8…even $11 at Walgreens. With the Dollar store version I was hair free for over a month!


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